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Welcome to the only place you'll ever need for all your CB Radio Tweaking!

Looking for a single source of CB and Ham related products and info? Here's what we offer:

  60+ Build your own CB and Ham Radio antennas 

CB Secrets Volumes 1-29 and Master Mod Volumes 1-7 on DVD

  Ultimate collection of CB mods on a Menu driven CD-ROM!

  CB Microphone wiring guides

  A complete guide to Tower Construction

  Linear Amplifier Schematics

  Manuals for Towers, Rotators and Antennas

  Vacuum tube books and Manuals

  30+ Ham Radio and radio communication books 

  Build your own 4 pill linear amplifier

  500 Ham radio manuals

  And much, much more. Check out our Ebay store for ordering!

  We ship worldwide and FREE shipping within the U.S.! 


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